Trust your intuition

Blog (Czech only)
As soon as I got pregnant for the first time, I found myself surrounded with parenting experts. All of a sudden everybody wanted to give me advice. All of a sudden everybody knew what I should and shouldn’t be doing. And all that advice and information they dumped on me? It just made me feel confused. In time I realized that parenting is about finding my own style and following my own intuition. So I started a blog about how to find your way around the parenting jungle.

Happy Child, Happy Parent

Book (Czech only)
Are you having trouble with your children? With how to raise them? Does being a parent feel complicated, difficult, nerve-wracking and exhausting? Would you like to become a calmer, more centered parent? I’ll show you how. No more fighting, yelling, or barking out orders. You won’t need any of that any more. I can show you how to approach parenthood armed with your own instincts and intuition. The book is available in bookstores or as an e-book at www.duverujsveintuici.cz.